Thursday, January 3, 2008

Disneyland Darlings

Hello all! I hope the first few days of 2008 have been spectacular for you. Sorry I have not been updating so regularly but I had Julie and Greene in town for the past five or six days and we have obviously been busy bees! I miss them already and I can’t wait for them to come back, because I LOVEEEEE visitors! Hint hint.

So on New Years Day, when all of you probably woke up at 1pm and were hungover and scruffy and reeking of Mike’s Hard Lemonade or whatever the kids are drinking these days, Julie, Greene, Anna, and I woke up BRIGHT AND EARLY at 9:30am and headed off to Disneyland!

Disneyland! The Happiest Place on Earth!

Let me just say that I love Disneyland. I am not one of those people who thinks its gay or lame because I’m not six years old anymore (ahem Bailey Janna Silverman). Disneyland’s the shit. Fun rides, delicious snackies, singing cartoon characters, overweight Midwestern tourists with fanny packs and bulky cameras strapped to their bodies… I love it all. And I actually calculated (while standing in one of the MANY lines – do not go to DLand on a holiday, small tip from me for you) that I pretty much go every year, which makes me a lucky duck. The last time I went was in August, and before that, the April before.

Anywho, so the adorable college graduates headed off to Disneyland, and we had a super awesome day. When we got there, we got a locker for our jackets (only $7!) and Anna slammed my fingers in the door, which sucked, but I quickly recovered and we went on to have a wonderful Disney day, going on the following rides.

Indiana Jones – did you know that after the bridge in Minnesota collapsed, they took the bridge collapse off this ride? True story. PS. we waited forever.

Space Mountain – My fave! And the wait was not even that long. Only like 45 minutes. Well worth it. Anna was scared but liked it when we got off.

Matterhorn – if I’m unable to have children, it’s because of the Matterhorn. I did not like being wedged into the little toboggan with Anna in my lap while I was all spreadeagle. My ovaries may have been permanently damaged.

Pirates of the Caribbean – it was super cold but I like Pirates. They added these awesome replica dolls of Johnny Depp that look EXACTLY like him. My favorite part of Pirates is the men who chase the ladies in circles.
Star Tours – Julie vommed when we got off. Ha.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – LOVE. My 2nd fave for sure. I like the little goat noises when you go through the tunnel.

Buzz Lightyear ride – this one is cool because you get to shoot little targets and play against your fellow rider. I got 13,000 points, which sounds like a lot until you hear that Greene got 47,000. Yes, you heard right, Greene kicked my ass.

We were almost out of the park when Julie and I decided we had to be horribly cheesy and got our faces painted like cats with whiskers. Raar. Hey, it was free. And then we got to make Anna and Greene dine with us in public at Downtown Disney with our 22-year old faces painted like children. Sweet.

Get ready Jake. Anna and I have pretty much decided we’re dragging you and Erez to either Disneyland or California Adventure next weekend. Bring your fanny pack.

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levin said...

i go away for one week and return to find like 5 blogs about football. um hi i read espn for that- more shoes, gossip, and vegas please!