Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here Goes Nothing

Here goes nothing.

I’m back, ladies and gents. Got really tired of fans (and randoms) asking me when I’d start this thing up again. So, here I am! It’s been a while :)

Don’t get me wrong – I love blogging. I stopped because I just felt it was a little self-indulgent – like who really wants to read about my retarded life? But lately I’ve been thinking… I am pretty fun, and I do have some good stories every once in a while… and then I joined Twitter (TALK about self-indulgent). I f-ing LOVE Twitter! I have all these random followers who appear to actually LIKE hearing about where I lunched that day and how I’m feeling when I wake up and what commercials I’m sick of.

Follow me, friends! http://twitter.com/queenjord

So, what’s new in the life of JMRS? Well, I came back from staffing the March of the Living a few weeks ago. If you’re reading this, you most likely know I staffed it last year as well. As usual, it was spectacular. Fell in love with my kids, my co-staffers, maybe an 18-year old or two (just kidding. Not! Or am I? J), and of course, Israel. I can’t WAIT to go back – and not just to flirt with gorgeous soldiers/buy another pair of Havianas with the Israeli flag on them. I want to eat falafels in Cardo and lay on the beach in Tel Aviv and (dare I say it) maybe even hike something? I’m seriously considering a trip back there later this summer with Bailey. Anyone want to join us?

I’ve been doing a ton of shopping. Mostly things I don’t need of course. I didn’t shop for about a month straight (I know, right!), so now that I’m home, I’ve been going a little crazy. In the past few weeks, I’ve bought this and this and these and this… I need to stop, but aren’t they cute? I need to do that thing they did in Confessions of a Shopaholic where she freezes her credit card in a block of ice!

Ooh, in my prolonged absence something AMAZING happened. I went to the Britney Spears Circus concert and LET ME TELL YOU it was PHENOMENAL. When she first came out, I literally hyperventilated for like a good six or seven minutes. GOD – she is SPECTACULAR. It was heartwarming to see how the audience responded to her – it seemed like everyone there was a true Britney fan!

I got some amazing pictures. LOOK HOW HOT SHE IS. OMFG.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop expecting summer vacation to apply to the real world. The worst part about it? I am so goddamn pale. All I want is a tan – I swear, even that weird Jergens stuff is looking good to me!

Before I go, I’m gonna say one more thing…

Adam Lambert was ROBBED of the American Idol title. I’ve watched this show since the very beginning (except the Carrie/Bo season) and I’ve NEVER seen anyone who could sing like he could. Literally every time he opened his mouth, I’d cry real tears. I’m incredibly disappointed in America for voting for Kris, but I do know that Adam will have a long, incredible career ahead of him. I’ll be first in line to buy his CD!

Gorgeous, gay, crazy talented, and Jewish… could he BE any more fabulous?

Whew, I’m riling myself up. Gotta quit before I’m ahead. Hopefully, I’ll post again soon – I’m heading to Vegas this weekend with some pals so there’ll definitely be some good stories coming your way!

(And if you’re reading this – thanks for coming back! I really appreciate it… I know I was a flake but I’m planning on making it up to you, I promise!)