Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Last Post as a 22 Year Old!

Hello friends and fans :)

It’s almost Friday! I am excited for the long weekend. I’ve got lots of fun things planned… because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

I’ll fill you in on all the birthday happenings next week when I blog. I’ve got a dinner, a bar night out, a brunch, and a parental-sponsored evening, all to celebrate the big Two Three! I can’t wait!

Anyways, we’ve got other things to discuss. To tell you the truth, I haven’t watched one minute of DNC coverage. It’s surprising – you’d think a die hard liberal like myself would be all over it. I can’t help it, I’m just not in love with Obama. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m voting for him, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way. It’s weird. I am very happy he chose Joe Biden to be his VP, by the way – I was bummed that he didn’t choose Hillary, but I think an Obama/Biden ticket will be very strong in the end. Now let’s see who the old man chooses!

Today I drove down to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica with Monise and Pam, my friends and co- MOL staff, to see this exhibit of photographs that detail the Nazi’s obsessive records of the Holocaust. This photographer, a Los Angeles based surgeon named Richard Ehrlich, got special permission to tour the archives that house more than 50 million papers documenting the Holocaust and the Nazi’s Final Solution. I urge you to read all about the exhibit in this LA Times article or in this Jewish Journal article.

The exhibit was sickening – the photographs, of course, were beautifully shot, but the subject matter was just horrifying. I have said it before – the Holocaust is the type of thing where the more you know, the less you know, and it really rang true for me while I was looking at these pictures. How can you look at a list of Jewish prisoners who were shot, one by one, every two minutes, in honor of Hitler’s birthday -- how can you look at that list and think you can comprehend the Holocaust?

Before going on the March, I probably would have been interested in this exhibit, but would never have gone. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I have a compulsion to learn as much as I possibly can about the Holocaust – I read books, study online, and watch documentaries. I am lucky that I have friends in LA who not only understand my need for knowledge about it, but share it as well. If you are reading this and you are ever interested in going to see a Holocaust film or exhibit, please let me know – I am always looking to expand my knowledge on the topic.

I have a new strange obsession – don’t laugh! For some reason, I stumbled upon a collection of blogs on the internet written by young Southern women in their twenties and thirties… and I AM OBSESSED. I read them EVERY DAY. It is so weird – like why do I care about Megan, the twenty-five year old blonde Southern Baptist in Memphis, Tennessee and her obsession with Lily Pulitzer?! Every time I go read one of their blogs, I get sucked in and there goes an hour. I know. I need help. I’m so bizarre.

Speaking of blogs… I am thinking of giving mine a facelift (I got rid of the music – it drove me nuts every time I went on here to update, so I can just imagine how much all of yall hated it! Sorry!) Anyways, I just heard of this person who does custom blog designs – she would design a whole new look for Don’t Fuck With Fabulous, specifically tailored to colors and designs that I like! It sounds so cool, but I know I’ve been slacking lately on keeping up with this, so I’m not gonna let myself do it until I get back into the swing of posting regularly… ie, at least twice a week. So if you see me fucking around on the internet, MAKE me blog, because I really want to get this custom update!

Before I go, I must wish my darling parental units a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY as they celebrate THIRTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE TOGETHER!!!!

My parents are truly the best human beings I know and I am so lucky to have them in my life. I wish them the best anniversary ever and hope the next thirty years will be just as good as the first! I LOVE YOU BOTH!

Well, I am off. The next time I blog I will be 23 years old! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seven Fabulous Updates

So, yes. Have not blogged in basically forevs. Cut me some slack, I feel like I've been running around like a Jewish chicken with her head chopped off! This is what I'll do – I'll make a list of everything I've been wanting to talk about lately (with clever titles too!) and just go through it, one by one. Here we go!

My New Boyfriend – ah, not a real one. Calm down Mommy. My new boyfriend and current obsession is.... the one and only Michael Phelps. Granted, a week ago I did not know he existed, but I am proud to announce that I am officially in love with him. To be perfectly honest, I don't even really WATCH the Olympics (sports…far away… President Bush popping in for athletic pep talks… human rights being violated all over the place in China… meh, not my scene) but everywhere I turn the boy is all over the news,, even gossip blogs! He is gorgeous and I adore him and want him to be mine. Oh yeah, and the fact that he shattered world records like it was no big thing and has like fourteen hundred gold medals is pretty huge too.

Jennifer Greene Life Update – I am pretty sure Greene set some kind of world record for landing a job. She had literally been in Los Angeles for three days when Talya got her an interview at Seven Jeans for the Marketing Assistant position, which had been vacated that day. Within forty eight hours Greene had gone downtown, interviewed, been offered the job, and had accepted the position. Fabulous – AND she gets free Sevens! I plan on partaking :)

Abandonment – my tiny companion Bailey Janna has left me to return to that land of drunken debauchery and yellow snow, the University of Wisconsin. I feel abandoned. BJ Foumart and I had a wonderful few months together this summer and I miss her (and my f*cking black leather Gucci purse that she jacked) already. I'm counting down the days til I go and pay those crazy Badgers a visit!

Return to the Toose – speaking of drunken debauchery and paying crazy people a visit, I had the opportunity to visit Tucson for a brief 24 hours last weekend. I headed out to the desert to help AEPHI with sorority recruitment – for those of you who don't know what that is, may god have mercy on your soul. It's only my FAVORITE thing in the world – pretty girls bouncing, screaming, singing, dancing, and being fake! (I don't think I have to spell it out that I'm pretty f*cking good at it.) I literally spent fourteen straight hours inside AEPHI watching, helping, and teaching them how to cheer perfectly and my day could not have been more perfect. The sad thing is, I am so not even kidding. Ah, Tucson. I miss you already – see you in TWO MONTHS AND TWO DAYS!

Announce It Already – both of you. That's right, I'm talking to you, old Republican man and young Democrat man. I'm sick of clicking on every twelve seconds to see if one of you has made up your mind about a running mate.

Rear Ended (And Not the Good Kind) – ugh, so annoying. Yesterday I was minding my own business in my car, rocking out to some Viva La Vida and chit-chatting with Gherkin on my Bluetooth, when some a-hole hits my car. Blah blah, long story short, we pull over, get out, start inspecting the damage, and I am being relatively pleasant when the guy drops this bomb on me. "It's my fault, I'm sorry. I'm not used to driving this Jaguar – it's brand new. I just sold my Porsche last week." Um, that may have potentially been the snobbiest sentence ever uttered in Beverly Hills. I looked at him and went, "Uh, sorry! Your life sucks!"

The Birthday Girl – ME! IT'S ME! In exactly 10 days, I turn 23 years old. YAY! Presents and birthday cake (ahem, better be from SusieCakes… pay attention Greene). I am planning on celebrating at the Belmont on August 30 and I AM PUMPED!

So that's that. Before I go, I just want to say that some major life changes are in the works. So, DFWF fans, rest assured, because as soon as they start happening, I will definitely give y'all something to talk about!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adventures with Olive

Here I am, dear DFWF readers. I’ve been off in foreign lands and out and about :) so let’s get to it, shall we?

First things first – Greene is here! YAY! She is living with me for the next two weeks until her apartment is ready. I am so happy she is here and will continue to be happy she is here so long as she keeps her suitcases OUT of my room. (You know how everyone has a thing? Well, my thing is I cannot handle anyone’s suitcases in my room. It’s bizarre. I know.)

So, I know it’s already Wednesday, but I want to post about my weekend! Irritatingly, the weekend got off to an annoying start when, after returning home from the Dodger game on Friday night (the first game featuring Manny Ramirez – Bailey and I had no idea who he was but screamed happily for him everytime he appeared on the field, just like every other Dodger fan there. What can we say, we like being a part of the excitement), it was discovered someone had broken into my dad’s car and stolen his watch, my mom’s sunglasses, and my car keys. Therefore, I have no car nor house keys and have been driving my mom’s car, which I hate. Had to vent about the annoyingness of that, but let’s move on.

We had a super weekend in Vegas – we stayed at the Paris, which shall henceforth be known as “GAY PAREE” – Bailey and I walked around the entire hotel speaking in French accents and annoying the parentals. Now that I’m thinking about it, we seriously did have a very fun time hanging out, shopping, eating, and gambling. When we got there, the parentals took us to Mon Ami Gabi inside Paris for lunch, which we loved and Bailey got the first of what would be six ahi tuna salads over the next four days. Saturday night we tried Aquaknox for the first time (it’s a seafood restaurant in the Venetian) and saw Jersey Boys, which was phenomenal, as usual. On Sunday, we had lunch at Todd English’s Olives inside the Bellagio, where Bailey decided her new nickname was going to be Bailey Olive. She also hid a note underneath a pillar outside the Bellagio Prada store for her friend Mike to find next week when he comes to Vegas, even though I patiently pointed out that the Bellagio employs a staff of about six thousand people, one of whom will surely find and remove said note before he gets there. We shopped at Fashion Show Mall and had dinner at the always-amazing Craftsteak inside the MGM on Sunday night, and on Monday we did a little tour through the Forum Shops and had lunch at Daddy’s fave the Palm before sadly leaving the Veg and its 108 degree weather.

I did not mention the best part, however…

I WON $450 BUCKS ON A PENNY SLOT! Hot Hot Penny is THE BEST slot machine ever, ANDDDDDD so is Go Fish (I can just SEE Julie and Anna nodding in agreement as they read this). It was AMAZING – I NEVER leave Vegas with money in my pocket!

What else is new… last night the Silverman family reunited with the Rubenstein family, who are in Huntington Beach on a fam vacay… we drove down to our Newport house for the night to have dinner there with them and it was super fun! Greene and Anna came too, so it was a mini Arizona reunion… we love when that happens!

Other news:
- Jeremy got a PUPPY! His name is Duncan Mandel and he is a baby golden retriever and he is super cute. Apparently he barks all the time and doesn’t let Jeremy sleep. I am glad for once someone else is causing him grief besides me.

- If you have not seen the People magazine with the Jolie-Pitt twins on the cover, go out and buy it right now, NOT for the photos of the newborn babies, but instead for the photo of one Miss Shiloh Jolie-Pitt holding her new baby sister. After seeing this photograph, Shiloh is now officially on my list of top three most adorable celebrity babies (her counterparts include Violet Affleck and Suri Cruise). Seriously, could this kid BE any cuter?

- I will be SO lonely the next few weeks at work – my boss is out on maternity leave, David is on his book tour on the east coast, and Mitch is going on vacation next week! I am all alone in my corner of the office :( thank god Jessie and Teddy are back from staffing their Birthright trip… for a while there I think I was the only staff-member in her twenties in the entire building.

- Homecoming is less than 3 months away! I know that that’s a ridiculously long time, but I am ridiculously excited. Expect frequent countdowns and updates as the weekend draws nearer… yesterday Anna, Greene, and I may or may not have planned out all our meals in advance… yes, we know we are sick. We don’t care – BEYOND BREAD here we come!

I am heading back to Newport again on Friday… Bailey Olive is really tan (because she does NOTHING all day except lay on the beach = hard life), and I am extremely jealous, so I am planning on doing nothing but sleeping on the sand for the entire weekend.

Will blog again soon. Until then, stay classy, Los Angeles :)