Monday, January 7, 2008


It’s just another Manic Monday, yall. Here I am. I’m mad because it stopped raining.

Today I was bored for a bit and decided to create a list. For those of you who don’t know, I love lists, mostly because I think I have pretty handwriting and often forget things if I don’t write them down. At work it’s even better, because I have a set of gorgeous rainbow colored pens (that were marked $1.29 by a very, very stupid woman at Target) and I have patterned black-and-white paper that has my name on it, so my lists are even nicer when I write them at work.

So here is a list. It’s a good one; I think you’ll like it. So, without further ado, here is my current Overrated/Underrated List (yes, capital letters!).


-Ketchup (both the condiment and the lame restaurant on Sunset)

-Movies starring Nicole Kidman

-Political cartoons

-Blackberries (I realize I am a hypocrite for including this)

-Stress balls (I always end up hurting myself)

-The following holidays: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years Eve


-Ben Stiller (Am I the only one who realizes he plays the exact same character in every movie?)

-The Real World (not the hopelessly out of date MTV reality show. Actually wait, yes, that too, but also, the whole paying-rent, work-from-9-to-5, sticking-to-a-budget, doing-your-own-laundry thing.)



-Real mail (not email. Real mail comes with a stamp.)

-The Ameci’s Pizza lunchtime deal (for something ridiculous like $4.79, you get a bowl of soup or a salad, two pieces of delicious cheese pizza, and a drink. They give it away at Ameci’s, I swear.)

-Blackberry Brickbreaker (I know someone who is ranked #7 in the country)

-Mayonnaise (It gets a bad rap. Why, I don’t know. It is so delicious on sammiches.)

-Pilot Precise Rolling Ball Pens

-Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

-Fingerless gloves (my new must-have winter accessory).

-Soy sauce. (Obviously my favorite condiment on earth.)

-Blogging. (I live to blog! [said in the same way as “I live to frolf!”] If you got that, you’re brilliant and I love you.)

That’s all for the list right now, but no doubt I will be adding things to it fairly regularly. I liked making this list, so look forward to other lists to come. I’m also open for suggestions.

I obviously have to end by wishing Floff a very happy birthday. 23! Wow, you are old. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we spent your 22nd birthday weekend in San Francisco, where the entire Floff Family +1 went to that Mexican restaurant for dinner, where the chef personally came out and circled every item on the menu that did not have cilantro in it. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we saw Jersey Boys and sang “who loves you pretty baby” to each other all night long. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Club Slide, where you chickened out and I didn’t (I am brave!) and slid down that long slide, into the club, where we made Michael buy us martinis and danced all night. And I certainly can’t believe it’s been a year since brunch at Lulus, where I ate the most delicious Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten in my entire life. I will spend the rest of my days here on this earth searching for hollandaise and English Muffins as magical as those at Lulus.

But I digress. Happy Birthday to my Floff!


Elianna said...

well just in case your mom didn't tell you I sang your praises tonight at a meeting. told everyone they needed, absolutely needed to be a Jordan Silverman fan as I have become. I especially highlighted the blog -- anyway I happily await the next installment!

your second favorite rabbi

Jeremy said...

you do 1 out of the 4 things you list as real world things...just throwing it out there

Samuels said...

-Ketchup... Not overrated, because it's no longer rated. It has become THE condiment, there is no other. Saying ketchup is overrated is like saying water is overrated, you have to have it or else you die.

-Blackberries are not only delicious, but EXTREMELY good for you. (P.S. You think blackberries are overrated? get an iphone)

-Don't knock the stress ball, knock your lack of coordination to successfully operate one.

-The Real World... is this the same MTV Real World that you tried out for?

-Jenga, in addition to Scrabble, is underrated

-Mayonnaise is the second most disgusting thing in the world.

-Soy sauce is the most disgusting thing in the world.

Happy Birthday Floff.

See you tomorrow Jordan.