Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiny Foumart!

Hi everyone!

I know that all of you were sitting in front of your computers these past few days, sad and lonely, wondering when there would be a new post, wondering where I was, wondering if there would ever be joy in the world ever again. Well, here I am! Sorry about my absence.

I was in Denver all weekend visiting Stacy – I had a great time with her and her roommate Petah. We ate at a delicious place called Snooze (I highly recommend it! get the Reese’s flavored pancakes!) and shopped and saw 27 Dresses and even went skiing (of course I got injured, but that’s a whole other story…). I also discovered that, for all my loud talk about how much I love cold weather, I have been deluding myself/full of shit all these years. I was fucking FREEZING all weekend long. I really had no idea how cold it gets. Major props to Stacy and of course, Bailey, and all you others out there in cold distant lands far off from LA.

Oscar nominations came out this morning – YES! I will be posting my full and complete list of who I think will win, but for now I will just give my first impressions. Hmmm, off the top of my head… It is AWESOME that Ellen Page got a Best Actress nom for Juno, and the same must be said for Diablo Cody and her Best Original Screenplay. Phenom. I was very surprised that Laura Linney got nominated for Best Actress for The Savages – did not expect that. I was also surprised by the Best Original Song nominations – three from Enchanted alone!

Finally, I must end this blog post by wishing my sister the best day ever now that she is finally legal. Happy birthday Bay! I cannot wait to fuck you up later tonight and then again this weekend in Vegas. And so, without further ado, a poem in honor of my sister:

You’re finally 21, we can celebrate,

Unlike me, your birthday wasn’t late.
Now you can get rid of your fake ID,

Which worked even though you look nothing like me.
We are bestest friends unless you steal my stuff,

The next time you do that I will make your life rough.

We shop at malls, boutiques, and even Walmart,

You will always be my tiny foumart.

Our favorite things to do are laugh and eat sush,

It doesn’t matter if we’re at Hiro or Kush.

Sometimes when we fight Mom and Dad lose their shit,

They don’t understand that we just get over it.

We are the Jewish community’s answer to Mary Kate and Ash,

Where ever we go, we make a huge splash.

You really are the best, together we have so much fun,

Happy birthday DOGE, you’re finally 21!

I love you and I can’t wait to celebrate tonight!

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