Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clinton/Obama? Or Obama/Clinton?

Hi everyone.

I am super tired and must get in bed and watch my daily dose of trashy reality tv (tonight will be Make Me A Super Model - delicious trash), but I just watched an interesting clip on where Wolf Blitzer asked Barack and Hilary an interesting question.

According to CNN,"The longest and loudest applause line of the night came when CNN's Wolf Blitzer noted that many Democrats have said they'd like to see a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket in November. Neither ruled out the possibility of selecting the other as a running mate. "

I don't DARE get into politics on this right now as I am currently exhausted and not on my A game and that would certainly invite some criticism/comments from certain parties who shall remain unnamed, but I thought this was interesting and deserved some attention, thus I am turning it over to you. I will have to give it some thought before I comment publicly on it (I know you are all waiting with bated breath), as right now my only thoughts on the debate are on how fucking annoying the traffic in Hollywood was because of it. I am so politically concerned that sometimes I even astound myself.

Anyways, I am off to bed. Look forward to an indepth post tomorrow - I will even cover the series finale of CROWNED! Yes, I am just that good to you.


Jeremy said...

Way to not get into it.

Anonymous said...

obama/samuels '08

Samuels said...
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Samuels said...

sorry... i don't do politics