Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Day Has Come For Brit

I am so happy right now. It really looks like the first steps have been taken towards getting Britney Spears back on the right track.

On Friday, Britney’s dad Jamie Spears went to court and was named her conservator, which means that he now holds the power to make all decisions concerning her wellbeing. Essentially, this was a move to prevent her “manager” and constant creepy hanger-on Sam Lufti from being able to remain near her while she is in treatment. The best part of the whole thing is that Jamie Spears was also granted a restraining order to keep Sam Lufti from getting anywhere near Brit for at least 22 days.

I am SO happy to hear that. Sam Lufti is DISGUSTING. He is shady and weird and I cannot remember a time when I did not hear his name linked to one of Britney’s meltdowns or freakouts. He has already been all over the place blabbing about how he is really the one who has her best interests at heart, not her parents. He only cares about how he can milk her celebrity as much as possible for his own purposes. I don’t think he cares one bit about her mental state, her family, or her poor kids.

There are also reports that her stay in rehab has been extended for two weeks. If that is true, that’s great also. I really think that a few weeks without a million cameras in her face is exactly what Britney needs to slow down and really realize what her life has become.

Here’s hoping that this is the first in a series of positive steps that will give us back THIS Britney Spears:

In other news, the season finale of Crowned was AWESOME. I know I am literally the only person who watches it (with the exception of Serena), but I still have to fill everyone in. Jenileigh and Moya (the Daredevil Divas) were the winners, which was good because they have had a very sad life and lost their house and are basically homeless. I'm glad they won, but I am sad that the DreamGals who were my favorite lost. Oh well, by the end they were kind of annoying me with how in love with each other they were. Like, I have a great relationship with my mom, but she does not tear up with love everytime she looks at me.

Mostly, I am glad that the Sincere Sexy Reds did not win, because they were terrifying and could not move their faces due to excessive Botox usage. AND, possibly one of the greatest moments of television occurred when Mindy (of the Gifted Dolls) PASSED OUT ONSTAGE and, after requiring an oxygen mask backstage, asked the paramedic for some CHICKEN. IN THE MIDDLE OF A LIVE PAGEANT. I kid you not. I tried to find a clip online to show you all in case you didn't believe me,but alas, Youtube has failed me.

Crowned. Such amazing trash. I cannot wait for the next season (which I seriously considered trying out for, by the way). That would have been so, so awesome. Before I go
I have to make a shoutout to Cidney. I miss you granddaughter! We are absolutely going out for vodka crans at Dirtbags/having a Royal Fam reunion when I arrive in Tucson in a few weeks. Love you!

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