Thursday, February 21, 2008


AHHHH okay I have more Idol reports... I swear to god I have other things to talk about besides this show... just not on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays (for now). Whatev, moving on! Here are my opinions on the girls, who sang last night.

1. Kristy Lee Cook – someone needs to get this girl a sandwich and then buy back her fucking horse. In that order. Oh, and then teach her to sing without scaring the camera.
2. Joanne Borgella – this makes me sad. I liked Joanne A LOT… its too bad she kinda sucked. My hope is that all the plus-sized girls in Jersey will view her as their leader and vote up a storm so we can see what she’s capable of at least one more time. I no longer think she’s going to the Top 12 and that sucks.
3. Alaina Whitaker – or, as I like to call her, Carrie Underwood 2.0. Didn’t we already see this person win AI? What is she still doing here? I am bored.
4. Amanda Overmyer – ahh! So growly and frightening! I love her! I literally thought she was making up words but really she was “scatting.” I give her one more week before an overcome hair stylist lunges at her with a bottle of hair dye.
5. Amy Davis – SO unbelievably awful, I do not even want to talk about it. Bye bye Amy.
6. Brooke White – no one in this world can possibly be this nice and innocent. It is kind of weird. That being said, she looked better than I’ve seen her look and she sang fine.
7. Alexandrea Lushington – okay, first of all, this is not a name. At first I had no idea who she was, because her hair was done all different and weird and up, but I did not hate this human.
8. Kady Malloy – I know this is the chick who can impersonate Britney, but frankly, I prefer real life cracked out Britney to this mess. Boring and blah, I dislike, moving on.
9. Asia’h Epperson – if I hear one more thing about Asiah’s dead father I will slap someone. WE KNOW she’s had a hard life.
10. Ramiele Malubay –I LOVE Ramiele! She might be my favorite girl right now. At the first of sounding like Drunk Paula, she really is a big voice inside a tiny little package. I loved her song and really agreed with Randy that she took her time and built up power so that the end was insane. My only complaint is that when she sings she squinches up her face and she looks exactly like a raccoon. But an adorable one! LOVE!
11. Syesha Mercado – solid. Frankly I was somewhat falling asleep by now but I remember enjoying her scarf.
12. Carly Smithson – I KNEW Carly Smithson would have the last slot. It is so gross and obvious that the AI producers are so blatantly in love her. She sounded fine, but looked AWFUL tonight – way too pale and her hair looked greasy and like, limp. It was bad news. Give this girl some bronzer and a diffuser and maybe we’ll talk next week.

Going home? Amy Davis, definitely, and my poor Joanne. Sad!

So that's that. Now I can turn my attention to... other reality tv. Oops. I know some of you are TOTALLY rolling your eyes right now so I'll make this quick. Season 10 of America's Next Top Model is here, and if possible Tyra has lost it even more. She is SO WACKED ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. This season we've got the usual crackwhores, fug biatches, and Early favorites of mine are Allison, who might be Jewish, Whitney, the obligatory gorgeous plus sized model, and Dominique, who is the FOURTEENTH model! Love that surprise twist, Tyra. You're still not Oprah.

Tomorow I am going to the Palm and to the Clipper game so I might not be blogging but I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend! I have a very relaxing weekend ahead of me, and I'm finally getting my Tivo fixed, AND ITS THE OSCARS ON SUNDAY (list coming soon for sure), so I will be a VERY happy camper. I am off to watch Idol results. XOXO!

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