Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Julie's List of 100 Things

So yesterday I was on the phone with Julie, and she tells me that today marks the 100th day of school. In honor of it, she came up with lots of ways to celebrate it (including special snacks - a twizzler and two chocolate chip cookies - get it?). Also, she and her second graders were going to make a list of the 100 things they loved about their school.
I of course love this idea, and immediately insist Julie make me a list of my own. At first, she complained a little bit, claiming it was going to be too hard, but she quickly realized that there are literally thousands of things we loved about the U of A, so really, the challenge was going to be quite easy. So, without further ado, here is Julie's List of 100 Reasons Why We Love About the University of Arizona.

100. Tucson may be America’s most fantastic city
99. Walking outside and feeling like you are on vacation
98. 1071 N. Mountain
97. Albert, Juin, Francisco, Leonard – some of Tucson’s finest.
96. You can read about chili spikings in the Police Beat
95. Sake Bombing at Shogun
94. Where else are you are able to watch Kristi clean the top of the fireplace at the AEPHI house and get stuck for hours?
93. Oy Vey Cafe
92. Jew of A
91. You can go to the pool in December, January, and February.
90. Beyond Bread
89. Oregano’s
88. Wildflower
87. North
86. Sushi Garden
85. Two hour In N Out lines, that people actually wait in
84. Café Jasper
83. You could continue naming Tucson’s great restaurants all the way down to 1 – but there are too many other reasons, so I will stop there.
82. Thursdays and Saturdays at the Basketball Games
81. Reading the Zona Screw
80. Channing Frye
79. Ivan Radenovich
78. Mustafa Shakur…just to name a few
77. Wilma and Wilbur Wildcat
76. Being a 6 ½ hour drive from Las Vegas
75. You are a 15 minutes drive from Casino Del Sol
74. A 35 minute drive from Mexico
73. The SnoBall stand on the corner of Broadway and Campbell
72. Coronado
71. Kaibab Huchicoochi
70. Kathryn Thorne
69. You don’t feel weird taking metal giraffes out for a night on the town
68. Poker Tournaments
67. Kickball Tournaments
66. 7-11 Slurpees
65. Red Tags
64. Staying tan year round
63. BC Dubs
62. Late night trips to Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, Jimmy John’s, Silvermine
61. Frat Big Nights
60. Date Dashes
59. Westerner
58. I love the 80’s
57. Formals
56. Semi Formals
55. Camo “Draft a Date”
54. All Phi’s No Guys
53. Phinal Flashback
52. Farmer’s and Cheerleaders
51. Santa and his Ho Ho Ho’s
50. 21st Birthday Celebrations
49. Jungle Party
48. I Love the 90’s
47. Halloween
46. Barbie and Ken
45. Under the Sea
44. ESPhiN
43. What’s Your Poison?
42. Palo Verde Inn and Suites
41. Marc Cohen and the whole rest of the Wild West Crew
40. Never having to participate in Daylight Savings time
39. Random rides on golf carts
38. Princesses doing the Princess
37. Making T-shirts for absolutely everything
36. Ridiculous amounts of pictures
35. Participating in Shower Wars
34. Chik-fil-A in the Union
33. Panda Express in the Union
32. Everywhere you look there are mountains
31. 1410 E. Lee and 1409 E. Elm
30. Babypools in the AEPHI courtyard
29. The “dry heat”
28. Tailgating before Football games
27. The semesters where you have no Friday classes
25. Where else do you meet the best friends on earth?
24. Walking outside at noon everyday and hearing Beardown Arizona all over campus
23. Spring Flings
22. Homecoming – Drinking on the Mall
21. Watching Arizona’s Phinest just get Phiner
20. Buses and Bar Crawls
19. Special Events (i.e. Dead Night Eve’s) at Gentle Ben’s
18. Our Thursday nights are better than your Spring Breaks
17. Jenn and Brad
16. Can’t forget about Judson
15. Trident
14. Playing Darts and Photo Hunt at the Red Garter
13. Singing Karaoke at the Bashful Bandit on Tuesday nights
12. Maloney’s
11. Spending afternoons at Frog
10. The Shanty
9. A man legally changed his name to GOD
8. Getting a tour of the SEX room at the MeatRack
7. Dancing every Thursday night to The Mockingbirds
6. O’malleys
5. Drinking Tic-Tacs, the Loser List, Scooby Snacks, and even Lunch boxes
4. Dirtbags
3. Waiting in line for Dirtbags at 5:00 am on the morning of graduation
2. FPC ‘03
1. Becoming a part of something that quickly becomes a part of you.

Isn't that great? BEAR DOWN!

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