Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Give the Goddamn Writers Whatever They Want

I was really planning on not discussing the Writer’s Strike on this blog, because it’s something that I struggle with, yet identify with, because I’m a writer and I believe the writers should be compensated fairly –generously – for their work, but at the same time, I love TV so much. Every night, I give myself a headache, because when I’m in bed with the Tivo remote and the only thing there is to watch on television is goddamned American Gladiators and fucking Friends reruns, I am so MAD at the writers for striking, but then I get mad at myself, because I’m a writer too, and I should feel nothing but empathy for them, even though their actions have ended the flow of The Office and Grey’s and SNL and all the other shows I adore, which fucking sucks, but why shouldn’t they be paid fairly, because without them, there wouldn’t be those shows, with pithy dialogue and delicious plot twists and drama. See, I just gave myself a mini headache.

So I wasn’t going to write about the strike. BUT. BUT! They canceled the Golden Globes. That’s horrifying all by itself, but you know what that means.

If the strike isn’t over, they’re going to cancel the Oscars.

If you know me at all, you know that Oscar Night is sacred to me. I LOVE the Oscars. I put my pretty ballgown on at 4:00 and I march off to the couch and I do not move, I sit there through the pre-show and the official pre-show countdown and the four point five hours of the show itself and the post-show and the post-show party coverage. You all must know this – some of you have even been there right alongside me, watching the show while giving me the occasional dirty look because I refused to let you sit on the AEPhi pledge lounge couch if you weren’t wearing your party dress (Bragman).

The thought of the Oscars being canceled is so upsetting to me that I actually would not know what to do. There would certainly be a lot of screaming and maybe some crying. I definitely wouldn’t rule out driving my vehicle down to the stupid picket lines in front of the studios in Burbank and Culver City and rolling down my window to SCREAM.

Canceling awards shows is so UNFAIR. Granted, I know there are a lot of other things in life that are also unfair, and this is quite stupid in the grand scheme of things. But think about it – if you were an actor or screenwriter or director, and you had just worked your ass off writing/acting/directing your last project, and it was finally, FINALLY, recognized by the industry as something worthy of honoring, maybe even something worthy of winning, and the chance to be congratulated and celebrated publicly for your hard work was just TAKEN AWAY, you’d think that was pretty fucking unfair too!

I have really worked myself up over this, and it hasn’t yet happened. Rest assured that if it does, I will certainly devote at least four more screaming BlogRants (copyright me) to the topic.

I will calm down after a long hot shower. In the meantime, I leave you not with an angry BlogRant, but with
this link. This man is living in IKEA for a whole week. Lucky! I love IKEA! (Almost as much as I love the Oscars but we won’t go there.) Fun fact: during the months of May and June of 2007, I went to Ikea nine times. Very impressive.

I wish you all a Tuesday full of IKEA Swedish meatballs. Jacob comes tomorrow so I am off to prepare for his arrival, also known as shove all my shit under my bed. Adjö´ så lä´nge! (that is goodbye in SWEDISH!)

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