Thursday, January 24, 2008

RIP Heath

I am still really sad about Heath Ledger's death. I keep reading all the updates about the autopsy and investigation and it just makes me so sad. He really was so talented. Also, I rarely read Perez because he and his staff frighten me, but I would like to point out/commend him for not using any of the photos the paparazzi snapped of poor Michelle Williams arriving home for the funeral, or of Heath's body leaving the apartment complex (as other media outlets have done). He also announced he's not going to use any photos from the funeral. I am impressed with his restraint. I think some websites are viewing this as a normal celebrity gossip opportunity and that just sickens me.

I am also really impressed with Warner Brothers. After Heath's death, they immediately began restructuring their ad campaign for The Dark Knight (the new Batman film he just completed in which he stars as the Joker) to take the focus off of him. I think they are right to do this, as it's not just a typical role, but (as I've said previously) one that really disturbed him because of its macabre undertones. You can read more about Warner Brothers and what they're doing about the film's publicity in this CNN article.

Anyways, moving onto some more happy. I probably won't be blogging all weekend because tomorrow the fam is off to Vegas to celebrate Bay's 21st! You all know how much I love Vegas, and considering the fact that last time we went these types of things were happening:

Let's just say I can't wait to see what shenanigans will happen this weekend. I'll have a full report for you when I return. Have a great weekend!

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