Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bailey is 21 and I Am Going to Be On MTV

I honestly couldn’t believe it yesterday when I heard that Heath Ledger had died.

I was always a really big fan of his – I distinctly remember the first time I ever saw Ten Things I Hate About You I absolutely fell in love with him. He was so handsome and that accent was so sexy, but above all else, he was a really good actor. I saw Brokeback Mountain last year too and he was excellent in that too. On all the other gossip blogs I read, I had been hearing really great things about his performance in the upcoming Batman movie as the Joker, but apparently, the role really disturbed him. That makes me sad – it doesn’t matter what it is, you should never spend your time doing or working on something that makes you unhappy.
I really want to know how Michelle Williams is holding up. I don’t even particularly like her, but I did think that they were a really adorable celebrity couple together, and I was sad when they broke up. I can only imagine how devastated he must have been to be separated from his baby, too. I don’t know what will be worse, finding out that this was an accident or that he did it on purpose.

After all this sad, I will leave you with some happy…

I am proud to report that Bailey J was a champ last night at her “modified” power hour. She took 9 shots, including a Jaeger bomb, tequila shot, Scooby Snacks, a Tic Tac, a Sex on the Beach, a Key Lime Pie, a Washington Apple, and a blowjob shot. Shout outs to the roomies, Dar, Benjamin, and Allison who came out on a random Tuesday to Qs to buy my sister shots. We both appreciate it and love you all.

On our way out of the bar, some random effer told Bailey she looked like Punky Brewster. I, personally, do not see anything wrong with that and even somewhat agree, but Bailey took offense and threw her lit cigarette at the man and cussed him out. When I finally managed to get her home, she took off all her clothes and laid on my bathroom floor naked and laughing hysterically because I was brushing my hair. “WHO BRUSHES THEIR HAIR?” For those of you who know Bailey, you know quite well that she doesn’t. All in all, it was a fun time and I am happy she is finally 21.Vegas this weekend is going to be a shit show.

Also, this afternoon Bailey picked me up from work and we went to the Food Court for lunch. As soon as we walked in, we saw MTV all over the place setting up for a “casual lunch” scene between two people and the hostess who seated us informed us that they were about to shoot a scene for The Hills. Immediately I started to flip out inside, hoping against hope it would be Lauren (remember, I do not get impressed by celebrities. I merely think that Lauren and I would be excellent BFFs who would spend our days shopping and lunching and eating PB and playing with LO!!!!) or Brody (because he is goddamn freaking hot).

OF COURSE, after about 45 minutes watching the camera crew fuck around, fucking HEIDI shows up. I was like BLAH. The only thing that would have made it vaguely interesting is if Spencer had been there. Of course, if he had been, I would have ruined MTV’s shot by screaming at him violently in the middle of the restaurant and would have been escorted out away from my hamburger. Heidi was meeting her “work friend” Kim. I care not, except Kim’s bangs were rockin.

When Bailey and I left, they were filming take after take of Heidi walking down the street (apparently she couldn’t get that right). As we were paying for our valet the director came out and told us we were in the shot and if we didn’t want to move, we would have to sign a waiver. So we did. This was old hat for Bailey, who has already signed a Hills waiver form from when she fell down the stairs at Frankie Delgado’s party and MTV brilliantly caught it on tape. They were stupid for not using that shit. Anyway, I will say this about Heidi – she is TINY. And her hair looked phenom as usual. Bailey brilliantly pointed out that she probably gets it done everyday. I am jealous of that.

Look for me on The Hills!

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