Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Update with Jordan Silverman

Hello friends! Hope your weekend was fab. It was raining here all weekend - have I mentioned that i LOVE rain? I really do. I even dragged out the hot pink rainboots and splashed in some of the puddles in my driveway. It wasn't the same as wearing them with shorts and a tank top, Tucson monsoon style, but it was alright.

I'm sitting here trying to think of what I actually did this weekend. Hmmmm. I spent a large portion of Saturday watching the E True Hollywood Story "Britney Spears: Fall From Grace" and crying. Yes, crying. Don't make fun of me til you see it for yourself. She was so immensely talented I cannot even handle it.

I'd like to pat myself on the back for my football selections this week. The only game I got wrong was Giants/Tampa Bay. I'm not too upset about it though, because a) I don't really care, and b) that was the only game I got wrong, making me 75% accurate. You heard it here first, next year I'm really taking this Mini Sports Gal thing to the next level.

I'd like to make a few shoutouts before I go: one to Lonnie, who patiently drove me all over the westside on Saturday, even though she was hungover. One to Larissa, who sent me the sweetest message on Facebook telling me how much she loved reading this and asking for my Vegas hotspot tips. One to Carly Babins's mom, who compared me to Sarah Jessica Parker and thinks I should have my own newspaper column. Finally, one to Bragman, who harassed me last night to include her more within the blog. Her reasoning for this? "If you become famous like Aaron Karo, I want to be a recurring character, like one of the triplets."

There you have it Brag, if I hit it big like Karo you will now have your fifteen minutes of fame as one of my sidekicks. Mazel tov!

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Benjamin said...

lawguy attended Sushi. Thought you should know. PS, it rained this weekend.