Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have a blog!


I am SO excited! For many years, I have believed that my random thoughts on what I found fabulous were worth spreading to the masses, instead of just being babbled to whichever one of my friends was unfortunate enough to be on the phone or online with me at the time.

So, this is the blog, and it is called Don’t Fuck With Fabulous. I toyed with several other names, including The Leopard Spot (shout out to Ali) and It’s Fun to Make Fun (which is still a personal life mantra of mine), but in the end, Don’t Fuck With Fabulous seemed like the perfect fit. Plus it has the F word in it so that’ll piss my parents off, which is always nice.

So basically, if you know me – and I’m pretty sure you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this – you know that I love saying something is “fabulous!” That includes a lot of things: movies, tv shows, shoes, restaurants, websites, clothing stores, people, etc. So this blog will be a collection of all things I find fabulous! (And probably a few complaints from time to time. Not everything is fabulous all the time, although sushi and Marc Jacobs are close).

I hope I am doing this right. Anyways, here is the first post. I arrived home from a long hard day at work to find a message from Julie on my facebook wall. It was a link to THIS!

Amazing! And just in time for Christmas, which I kind of like even though I’m Jewish. (Do you hear that Mom? We are Jewish. Stop decorating the house.)

I love my blog! Everyone better love it too.


Samuels said...

i love your blog

Anna said...

ha, i love that it says "this blog does not allow anonymous comments." Was that a preference choice???