Monday, December 17, 2007

Biggest Loser Winner Predictions (and a preview of my Ode to Jillian Michaels)

Hello friends! Today’s post will be short. I just wanted to quickly make my predictions for tomorrow’s Biggest Loser finale.

For the past bazillion weeks, Ali and I have been addicted to the BL. Every Tuesday night we watch eagerly - our favorite part is when they show how much weight the eliminated person has lost so far. We especially liked when Jez got kicked off – they showed him practically anorexic and living in LA with a small white child. That rocked. I cannot tell a lie, I also like when the light in the fridge goes out. The first time I saw that, I nearly died laughing.

Anywho, even though all along Hollie has been my favorite (she is so pretty and from Arizona!), I think Isabeau is going to win. And not because America feels bad she has a stupid name. I think she is going to win because she still has a ton of weight to lose, PLUS she won that last challenge that gave her $10,000 to use however she wanted at home. If I were her, I’d be hiring a personal trainer right about now, and her name would be Jillian "The Shit" Michaels.

Speaking of Jillian, tomorrow after the finale I will blog about my never ending love for her more in depth, but for now, this photo will have to do. Clearly, the Black Team knows whats up. Jillian is their queen, and they are performing some sort of elaborate dance in her honor/simulating lifting her to the heavens because she is amazing and godlike. I adore her.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night!
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ali said...

jillian michaels is the fucking shit, and she will kick your ass so hard it indescribable.