Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thinking about PIZZA... Mmmm!

I am incredibly annoyed with all the ridiculous political bashing that is taking place in the media, and I know it’s going to get even worse as the November election gets closer.

Today Geraldine Ferraro stepped down as a fundraiser for the Hillary Clinton campaign after she came under fire for several remarks she made to the LA newspaper The Daily Breeze about Barak Obama. These are her comments that pissed everyone in the Obama campaign off:

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

In a second interview with the Breeze, she did not back down from what she said, and also said she felt that Hillary Clinton had been the victim of a “sexist media”, which is something I completely agree with. I really think Hillary Clinton is picked on and pulled apart for SO MANY THINGS that would not be an issue, period, if she was a man, including her hair, her clothes, the way she speaks, and the emotion she shows in public.

I’m not saying Ferraro’s comments were right – I’m saying that it seems ridiculous that everyone makes such a huge deal out of NOT mentioning the fact that Barak Obama is black (which: who cares?), and no one seems to have any problem with constantly and consistently pointing out that Hillary is a woman. So that's how I'm feeling about that. Moving on.

We have other things to talk about. Namely: TOP CHEF. OH YES.

I am even more excited for this season after seeing the first episode tonight. I loved the elimination challenge and thought it was very creative, and loved the Quickfire as well! It called for them to make their own deep dish pizza, in honor of Chicago, where this season was filmed. This Quickfire got me thinking about pizza and some of the best I've ever had... I would have to say my current favorite pizza is the seasonal one from Pitfire - it has buratta cheese, hazelnuts, pesto and tomato sauce, and arugula on it... mmmm. I also seem to remember a classically simple pizza that I ate in a 2nd story cafe in Rome next to the Spanish Steps which was pretty fabulous. Oh, and a seafood pizza we ate next to the Grand Canal in Venice! Okay, I've eaten a lot of pizza in my life. I can't pick a fave.

Mmmm... but anyways, the pizzas that everyone made seemed interesting for the most part. Someone made a Southern inspired pizza with peaches and sweet tea vinagrette which sounds strangely insanely good. Fabulous... it's 11pm and I am in the mood for pizza now... maybe I should try calling Osteria Mozza for like the seventieth time and try to get a fucking reservation.

Anthony Bourdain was one of the guest judges for this episode and as usual, I want to fucking marry him and make him cook for me every single day. I love Anthony Bourdain ridiculous amounts. I seriously think if you were to look the word "BADASS" up in the dictionary, his picture would be there leering up at you. If you live in a hole and don't know who he is, may God have mercy on you. Go buy this book right this second and maybe I'll talk to you again.

Anyways, too early to pick a fave yet but I think I like Antonia. She is a single mother and the other cheftestant from LA, plus she's executive chef of Foxtail restaurant, which is Sam Nazaria's new restaurant for SBE. Excited to try that. (Ooooh, also excited to try Luckyfish on Canon... more on that later.) Side note: the lesbians were adorable, and I am always down for lesbians on reality TV (remember Kim from Top Model? LOVED.)

Thinking ahead: a week from tomorrow Floff and Greene arrive early and we are going to see Wicked! And then everyone else comes for Anna's bachelorette party! Next weekend is going to fucking rock, I'm already excited :)

Have a good night everyone! I'm off to watch Idol results and pass out.



Ok....sara needs to read this blog. When we watched TC last night she was like I am starting I want pizza - it was 11:30 at night - no joke.

Anyway I too strangely desired the peach pizza - I already have people I hate and its only one episode in to season 4 - yeah I love that show.

Your favorite rabbi

sara l. said...

dude, mozza is SOOO not all that. and if you want their pizza, just just to the pizzeria, not the osteria. i'm happy to make you a res. if you like...