Monday, March 17, 2008

Midway Through the Madness

For some reason, I was totally exhausted last night and crawled into bed at 10:30 and passed out, so: no blog yesterday. Sorry!

So this weekend I went to my beach house in Newport for a night… that was fun. Went shopping on Fashion Island and got some good stuff because Bloomingdales was having a sick sale. Saturday night the parentals and I saw a movie (The Bank Job – it was decent) and went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner (I tried a new dish – the Hibachi Steak, which is basically my new favorite thing on earth) before heading back to LA. Yesterday I had my first March of the Living meeting with all the kids, so it was nice meeting everyone who I’ll be spending two weeks with SO soon! We also had the opportunity to meet the 8 survivors who will be going on the trip with us. They were all so excited about meeting us, going on the trip with us, and telling us their stories. (They kind of reminded me of puppies – they were ADORABLE and kind of kept running around and hopping up and down and trying to talk over each other.)

Currently, I am trying to figure out exactly what goes into creating a bracket, because I want to do March Madness like all my friends do. Last year, I apparently missed the boat on that one, and was very disappointed to find out that I could not join midway through the Madness… which makes sense now that I think about it. (Also, I am loving that term – “midway through the madness.” I will be using it again frequently.) I am going to fill one out on Facebook and one for my pool at work!

I have been asking all my well informed basketball minded friends (both male and female – I do not discriminate and I know very well that Julie Rubenstein is much like a man when it comes to basketball obsessions) about their March Madness picks. However, Jeremy thinks that “people like me” who know next to nothing about sports and basically pick winners based on the colors of the jerseys or some retarded shit like that are always the ones who win. So, instead of doing what is probably the logical thing to do and going on or Sports Illustrated, I will pick based purely on absolutely nothing and go with my gut instinct. I will give you a lovely example – Arizona plays West Virginia in the first round. Those of you who know me well know that I am a firm believer that WEST VIRGINIA DOES NOT EXIST. By this logic, Arizona cannot lose against a team that does not exist and therefore will win this round. Beautiful. You can’t argue with that.

Anyways, I am SO excited for the events of the next couple of days! American Idol live taping on Wednesday, Katsuya Hollywood (for my first time) and Wicked on Thursday, then fun all weekend with my pals :) I am a lucky girl!

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I AM NOT A MAN!!!!! im a pretty girl - who likes to teach you about bracketology!