Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let the Flames Begin!

Blechhhhhhh. I am sick. I woke up with a terrible sore throat and a general feeling of cloggy stuffy grossness in my head. I did not want to go to work but I made myself even though all I wanted to do was literally lie in bed watching The Office and not move – I do not like being a grownup.

So this weekend was fun… I went out to Central Hollywood on Friday night for Kevin Weiser’s birthday, and Saturday night to the Federation’s Purim party at The Roxy and the Parlor for Dan’s birthday. Good times were had by all. Good times were had again on Sunday night, when the parentals and I went to Sara & Elianna’s for a wine tasting party. I was pleased about this because it gave me an opportunity to wear my brand new hot pink glitter Kate Spade flats (which I had to take off as soon as we arrived because I forgot their policy of NO SHOES ALLOWED). Unfortunately when we showed up, I realized that in fact Sara had most likely only invited my parents to be polite (slash because she was drunk when she extended the invitation) and everyone else who was there was about 25 years younger than my parents. The night got even better as my dad began scarfing cheese, dissing the sake, and being otherwise charming. I insisted we take our leave after he drank ¾ of the bottle of Prosecco we brought and started tossing Triscuits in his mouth.

I am very upset about the recent deaths of two female college students from Georgia. In a freak coincidence, both Lauren Burk, from Auburn University, and Eve Carson, from UNC, were shot and killed less than 24 hours apart. For some reason, I feel connected to these two women – Lauren was Jewish and Eve was very involved on campus, like I was. Every time I read anything about these two women’s senseless murders, I get very angry and upset. Lauren Burk’s killer has already been apprehended, and they are looking for Eve’s based on a surveillance photo taken at an ATM. I know they will catch him soon and I hope they both rot in jail.

In other news, if you think I am obnoxious about my love for reality TV/my constant need to talk about American Idol, you better stop reading this right now, because tomorrow is the premiere of Top Chef Season 4, and I am LITERALLY quivering in my chair with excitement. Top Chef is BY FAR my favorite Bravo show EVER and I love every single thing about it. If I am still this big of a fan after the whole Season 2’s whole Marcel/Ilan/head shaving bullshit, you better believe that nothing in the world is ever going to get me to stop loving that show.

I have already fully stalked the new contestants, which you can do here too bravotv.com, and I am very excited about this group of cheftestants (copyright Keckler, TwoP) – they appear to be unbelievably talented. I think it’s high time for a woman to win (anything, Bravo, anything), so I will be paying close attention and seeing if I can spot any early potential winners. Speaking of winners, rumor has it that two of the women are actually partners (the lesbian kind, not the business kind, which is to say, the cool kind), which just made the whole thing even more amazing before the show even started. AHHH I CANNOT WAIT. JULIE I KNOW YOU’RE WITH ME ON THIS.

I am going to go take some Nyquil and pass out. No one wake me. (Wow, this feels like freshman year all over again!)

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