Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dumplings and the DFWF Seal of Approval

By my count I have stayed in Los Angeles for the past three weekends and already I am dying to get on a plane and go travel somewhere. As of right now, the next trip I have booked is March of the Living to Poland and Israel, and that’s not til the END of April! Excuse me while I go check Ding. I need to go somewhere, fast. I’m open for suggestions. Anyone down for Vegas?

So yesterday I went to Costco, which was less stellar than usual, in part because there was a total lack of sample tables, and also because I did not leave with a hot dog in my tummy. To make matters worse, 50% of the reason why I was there was to purchase Asian pears, and when I opened my trunk upon returning home ALL THE PEARS FELL OUT OF MY CAR and bounced into the street. I was NOT pleased, but I plan on eating them anyways. I already washed them! No germs. Five second rule!

I miss Bailey the Tiny Foumart. Right now she is on spring break in Thailand. Everytime I think about her in Thailand, I start to want a dumpling. Basically I have been craving dumplings since Sunday night and I think I need to just go get one already. Unfortunately, LA is not exactly known for their delicious Chinese food, and the kind of dumpling I want (specifically, a soup dumpling – the kind where you eat it on a spoon and when you take a tiny bite all the hot soup comes pouring out, and it is DELICIOUS and you don’t even care if you burn your tongue) is only available in New York at a total hole-in-wall in Chinatown. I am the type of person who takes cravings very seriously (I’m not only talking about food cravings, although those are of vital importance. Sometimes I crave a viewing of A League of Their Own or a trip to Bloomingdales). You only live once – indulge your cravings.

Speaking of food in New York, I just got my hands on a FABULOUS book – Garlic & Sapphires. It’s by Ruth Reichl, the current editor of Gourmet magazine, who writes about her experiences as the New York Times Restaurant Critic, and it is so awesome! I’m only three chapters in and already it has earned the Don’t Fuck with Fabulous Seal of Approval. Now that I have mentioned the DFWF Seal of Approval I will give a few more out, as I am feeling generous.

Things that have earned the DFWF Seal of Approval lately:
- linen pants
- a capella groups
- LA weather
- Sprinkles Cupcakes making kosher for Passover cupcakes
- my new IKEA dresser

I just realized that basically this entire blog post is a tangent. On dumplings of all things.

By writing this, I am postponing cleaning my room, which I have been putting off for about a week now. I have plans to get a Pinkberry with Abby tonight, but I have already informed her that I am not allowing myself to leave my room until I vaccum, clean my closet, hang up all the clothes from the floor, and build my new shoerack. Needless to say there is a chance I will NOT be having Pinkberry with Abby.

I am off. Please wear pink tomorrow as it is Wednesday and you know what we do on Wednesdays!

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Anonymous said...

Jordan...wonderful seeing you last night. Might I suggest NOT readong "Garlic & Sapphires" and reading Ruth Reichl's 1st and 2nd book first...since they tell her story in order? "Tender at the Bone" and "Comfort me with Apples." They are more about her upbringing but also get into her life as a a foodie and a critic.