Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes of American Idol!!

So, American Idol was super fab. We had an amazing time and learned many new things about our favorite show. As a special treat for all of you out there, my dear pal Jennifer Leigh Greene has offered to write a SPECIAL GUEST BLOG detailing our experiences at the live taping. So, without further ado, here is Greene! (Don't worry, I will be popping in with periodic interruptions and announcements!)

Guest blogger Jennifer Greene reporting LIVE… not from American Idol, but from Jordan’s room :) BUT don’t worry, I have all of the American Idol scoop from tonight’s LIVE results show!

We begin at 3:15 p.m. with Jordan and me getting in line for the big show. We were quite excited at this point, but after a while, we got pretty bored with our surroundings, as we were standing in line on Beverly for about an hour and a half. Naturally, we begin to comment on the people around us. So, how do I say this nicely? We might have been two of the best looking people there. Not going to lie… there were some ‘not so cute’ folks there people. I mean, you might be on national television… what’s with the t-shirt and jeans? Fix yourself up a bit.. seriously! In addition, there were other things that were not so cute, but I don’t think those people can help that. AS IN THEIR SMOOSHED FACES -- JORDAN

Moving on, we start talking to the people around us and realize that this girl looks EXACTLY like Kristin Wiig from SNL. Seriously, she could be her twin. Unfortunately she did not know who Kristin Wiig is, but she took the compliment nonetheless. Anyway, after standing outside and being cold and hungry for quite some time, Jordan begins to peek through the bushes like a little spy. Just as she does this, we start moving. Then we stop. So I tell her, after a few more minutes, to put her face back in the bushes. Again, we begin to move. Amazing. Weird, but amazing. EXACTLY LIKE ME! WEIRD BUT AMAZING -- JORDAN

At about 4:45-5 p.m. we are let into the CBS lot only to stand around some more, but not before walking by Amanda Overmeyer who was sitting on the steps smoking a cig. Kinda cool :) So then we get our wristbands, go through security and then sit on these benches for about 4 minutes. We are FINALLY let into the theater and we are jumping around backstage. We walk in and it is SO much smaller than it looks on TV. They tell us where to sit and we are CLOSE… like diagonal from Simon Cowell. Paula Abdul was so nice, giving everyone hugs, and Simon and Randy were cool too. We were very pleased with our seats, ESPECIALLY when I realized that we were sitting next to Kevin Covais, contestant on Idol Season 5. You might remember him as “Chicken Little.” I almost said something to him, but I didn’t. So we were told that they were going to tape the pre-show, which included the segment with Ryan Seacrest taking the viewer calls and Kellie Pickler’s performance. If you look CLOSELY during her performance, you can see me and Jor (if you pause the TiVo :) ) LIL PICK!!! WE MISSED YOU. YOUR HAIR LOOKS FAB! - JORDAN

After that segment we were kindly asked to vacate our seats so that people with actual tickets could sit there. Irritated, we got up and followed the girl to our new seats. About 10 rows up. Not camera territory but a better overall view, so it was ok. At 6 p.m. sharp we began shooting the LIVE show. It was really exciting, but it made me feel like it wasn’t as “real” as when I watch it on TV… which is weird. I would think it’d be the other way around, but oh well.

During the commercials, the judges went backstage, and this guy came out to entertain the crowd. He brought up some audience members to do a “Singing Bee” type-thing and other activities. The saddest part was when they said that Carly Smithson was in the bottom 3. So shocked, Jordan and I look at each other with our mouths open saying Oh My God! She definitely needed a bunch of tissues, and she also got some love from Nigel Lithgow who was there as well (the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ judge, for those who are not aware, he works on both shows, among other things). POOR CARLY! SHE CRIED SO HARD. WE WAVED TO HER TO CHEER HER UP. - JORDAN

Kristy Lee Cook was next (no surprise), but then it was Amanda Overmeyer. Sorry to those who haven’t seen it yet (seriously, get on that, it’s a results show for crying out loud!), Amanda got kicked-off. NOT Kristy. Definitely another shocker. But, we did get to rock out to her singing “Back in the USSR” by The Beatles. And the song is still in our heads… as well as “Red High Heels” by Kellie Pickler. STUPID KRISTY LEE COOK! SHE IS GOING TO RUIN THE TOUR. - JORDAN

At 7 p.m. the show was over and we left the studio. Definitely an exciting evening! We wrapped it up with dinner at The Farm and a trip to Pinkberry (obv). Great night!

GREAT NIGHT INDEED! Tomorrow we go see Wicked. Maybe Greene will kindly grace us with some more words of wisdom tomorrow night. Or maybe she will refuse, and spend the evening in bed crying tears of joy and listening to Defying Gravity. WHO KNOWS?!

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