Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Getting Hot in Here

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had terrific weekends! If you were in Los Angeles over the past few days, you are probably burnt to a crisp and super sweaty like me, because GODDAMN is it hot. Granted, I haven’t been in LA in April in four years, but I don’t ever remember a heat wave like this so early on. I tried to lay out on Saturday for an hour and I only made it 58 minutes before I had to come in!

I had a very relaxing weekend. Friday night I went to the Dodger game with Felicia and we had a terrific time. I ate my first Dodger dog of the season and of course got so messy it was ridiculous. I was literally covered in ketchup by the time we left – very smooth. Yesterday I hung out and laid out in the valley, and last night I had din at Houston’s and saw the movie 21 with the Marrieds and Lonnie. Today I spent the day shopping in Beverly Hills with Mommy for a dress to wear to Anna’s wedding and, in typical Jordan Silverman fashion, returned home with FOUR DRESSES. I would appreciate any and all opinions and help from anyone who would like to offer their two cents and have thus prepared an email with all appropriate website links and dress explanations to send out at will!

Some other good news:
- plane ticket and hotel has been booked for VEGAS in June!
- I go on March of the Living TWO WEEKS from tomorrow! AHHH.
- The couch is still a BIG HIT!
- The highlight of my weekend: today Mommy and I took a break from shopping to have lunch at Barney Greengrass inside Barneys New York, and while we were eating, this woman walked in. Now, friends, I know I am prone to exaggerate, but please take me at my word when I tell you I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen anyone as fake tan as this women. SHE DEFINED TANOREXIC. It was the most repulsive thing I have EVER seen. I could not tell if she was old or young and I could not tell if she was pretty or not – literally all I saw was her brown leathery awful skin. She was so scary I could barely finish my bagel.

In other fabulous news, tomorrow is my dear mother’s birthday. We just celebrated at Mastro’s for dinner with some delicious steak, shrimp, and LOBSTER MASHED POTATOES, which were freakin’ unreal and delicious and EXACTLY what my mom deserves!

Please join me in wishing her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I am off to figure out if this heat warrants me hauling out my fan… it is HOT in here!

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