Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Best Email Ever

My dear sister Bailey Janna sent me the following email. It really needs no other introduction -- just enjoy and bask in the knowlege that special-ed people can, in fact, use computers.

Dear Dwight,

I'm at the airport going on a trip w my friends and I'm bored waiting to board. Haha get it. Here are some things I've been ruminating about-- aaron karo style:

Its carly machlis' birthday.

They just paged someone named jordan cooool.

I have to sign up for classes and register for next semester but my sign up time is at like 4am I dunno what to do and I'm scared I won't be able to get the classes I want. Fuck my life.

Thailand was the best trip ever I saw a sex show where a fat thai girl in a bikini that was too tight for her stuck a ping pong ball in her mangina and popped it out. She did it like ten times ew I'm gagging thinking about it and then bounced the ball on stage like really get a real job.

I saw havianas that were hot pink w a skull and crossbones in diamonds and ribbons and they were like 75 bucks otherwise I would have bought them for you. Also there was a leopard pair with ribbons and they were aamzing but I know u don't really wear sandals so anyway if u want them ill get them for you.

I got my hair cut and it looks amazing. I have layers and stuff now.

Dani started a dance off last night at the bar. It was rpetty fucking funny she made everyone circle around her and she started a chant of her own name. Hahahaha.

There are some things I want mom and dad to buy me and bring here when they come bc it won't let me charge something from the us and ship it here.

Ok I'm on the plane now miss you a lot thanks for entertaining me. Write back!!!!!

Love, Jim

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