Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today marked the first full day where gay and lesbian couples were finally able to marry their partners in California. Took long enough!

I really am so happy about this – I think I blogged about my feelings on this issue before. It literally blows my mind that in the year 2008, gay and lesbian couples are STILL being told that they cannot marry their loved one. I honestly do not see what business it is of anyone to tell someone else who they can or cannot love or marry. I especially like this quote from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom:

“There are some who just can't get over the idea, the image even, of two men kissing," he said. "But for most Californians, I think, if they just pause and think about what gay marriage means to the people they know, they won't want to take it away. The people getting married are your teachers, your neighbors, your cousins. They are the bus drivers, waiters and waitresses and your doctors.”

It’s so true. I think that people who are anti-gay marriage never think about the actual people who this new ruling affects. I can only hope that this will lead to more equality for gays and lesbians all across the country. I am just so PROUD to be from California today!


Speaking of gay marriage, I just returned from Elianna’s bridal shower. (Told you it was good.) Believe it or not, I have actually never been to a bridal shower before. My mom co-hosted it, and it was very nice, even considering the fact that Bailey and I were the only kids there. (Can I be a kid if I am a college graduate with a full time job?)

I really love Elianna, not just because I can truthfully claim “My Rabbi reads my blog”, but also because she is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. She, however, thinks my mom is one of the nicest and most genuine people she has ever met, and made a really beautiful speech thanking my mom, which made my mom cry and made me feel somewhat uncomfortably guilty about all the times I yell at my mom for being crazy.

Elianna is marrying Sara on my birthday (August 31 – SAVE THE DATE BITCHES. I WANT PRESENTS), and I am super excited about it. They both claim to be wearing wedding dresses – I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t the only one wearing a wedding dress at my wedding. I would kick that person’s ass for stealing the attention away from me, I think.

Oh my god, ANOTHER amazing tie-in! Speaking of attention on me, I need to bring up an interesting phenomenon that has recently come to my attention. When I decided to create this blog, I had envisioned it as a fun little website where my friends and other folks around my age could fuck around, procrastinate, and read about my life instead of doing actual homework or other important things.

NEWSFLASH: This blog attracts the attention of more 50-year old women than I have ever imagined in my life. My mother proudly hands out the web address to everyone she knows – and she knows A LOT of middle-aged Jewish women. Tonight at the bridal shower, it was literally THE topic of conversation – I sat there shaking my head while all my mom’s friends talked about which post was their favorite! Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with them reading it, and I actually do appreciate it. (Shoutouts to the posse, including Loyal Reader #1 Janice “Blondie” Field and Newcomer Sharon “My Husband is Insanely Hot” Gersh.) It’s just that I have no idea WHY they read it – to learn my opinions on American Idol? To hear about my drunken escapades in various bars across the United States of America? For a firsthand account of exactly what I will do to Bailey should I ever catch her in my closet ever again?

I just don’t know. But ladies, enjoy the blog. I love having you here.

Anyways, due to the fact that I have become somewhat lazy about posting (I blame it on summer. I vow to be better in the future. AKA fall.), this might be my last post before I head off to VEGAS on Thursday!!! I am spending the weekend there with Julie and Greene and their friends from home Jennifer Varadi and Liz Melamed.

I am SO EXCITED – I haven’t been to Vegas since January. I can’t believe I let so many months go by between visits. I’ll just think of it as money saved… and I’ll do my best not to flush it down the toilet at the slot machines this weekend. I already begged Mommy to give me gambling money, and she begrudgingly agreed, so I plan to sit at the damn machine til my ass goes numb.

So it’s late, and I should go to bed. I stayed up late to post a new/funny post for all my fans out there :) love ya’ll! Going to bed now… gotta get some rest for the big weekend!

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