Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ooh Ooh Baby

So I realize I have not blogged in a while. I have TWO excellent excuses: number one, Bailey came home last Thursday, and number two, I had a four day weekend where I was very busy dicking around and not doing anything of great importance. So I was very distracted. My apologies to all, and especially Bragman, who texted me in the middle of the night to complain about my lack of new postings. This is for you, Brag.

So let’s talk about those excuses. Bay is home! Mostly yay. Like 90% yay. It would have been 100% yay except for a screaming fight we had in the middle of the Topanga parking lot, where I actually opened the car door while it was moving and got OUT. But except for that 10 percent, we’ve had a lovely time playing and shopping and eating and doing the usual.

We saw the Sex and the City movie on Friday night with the Mayo ladies and Mommy. I LOVED IT. I loved every second of it – I laughed hysterically, cried hysterically, and drank a little sippy cup full of a Cosmopolitan from a flask that Mommy snuck into the movie theater. She is so funny!

Los Angeles is going through a Laker craze right now. I would like to say that I could not care less, but that’s not true. I hate the Lakers and I want the Celtics to win so that all those nights of my father screaming “F” at the top of his lungs at the television set will be worth something.

Speaking of my father, I have an excellent story! Last Friday at the Dodger game, after waiting 54 years and sitting through literally thousands of innings, Mr. Gary Silverman CAUGHT HIS VERY FIRST FLY BALL…

… and on Saturday afternoon, HE CAUGHT HIS SECOND.

GO DADDY! Can you BELIEVE IT?! TWO fly balls in less than 24 hours! That must be some sort of world record, I swear... He was so happy, it was so cute. He said that both times when he caught the ball, he stood up and bowed and blew kisses to Vin Scully up in the Dodger box!

It’s so nice that it’s already Wednesday night! Two more days of work and I get to have a weekend again! Plus, a week from tomorrow I am off to VEGAS for a weekend of shopping, tanning, and major drinking with some fabulous ladies from the great state of Texas. And speaking of weekends, if you’re around this weekend and feel like being Jew-y, drop by One Shabbat Morning at Adat Ari El on Saturday and hear me speak about my experiences on the March of the Living. Should be SUPER rewarding!

And now I saved the best for last – I just watched the Top Chef finale and STEPHANIE WON! I could not be happier – finally a female winner for my favorite show! Her food and menu looked wonderful and she really showed how talented she is. I am just SO GLAD Lisa didn’t win! More to come on that, I promise, after I re-watch. I am going to miss watching this show every Wednesday night (it IS my favorite!), but I know they’re already filming season five so it shouldn’t be too long before I get a WHOLE OTHER SEASON AGAIN!

A good end to the evening :) NIGHT YALL!

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Julee said...

SO AGREED on Stephanie. I was actually on the couch chering and clapping. I would have been able to deal with Richard winning but NOT Lisa. UGH!