Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SEE MOM! I Still Update My Blog!

So, I just came back from the March of the Living reunion a few minutes ago, and it was SO good to see everyone! I miss my kids so much… it was so weird being together in Los Angeles and knowing that just a few weeks ago, we were on the other side of the world together.

We got the chance to talk a little bit about how the trip has changed us, and I was relieved to hear that everyone is still impacted – everyone thinks about it everyday. A ton of kids said the same thing that I feel – it’s so much easier to talk about it with someone who went on it with you. You don’t have to explain so much, you don’t have to search for words that aren’t there, because if they were there, they know, and they get it.

Also, I learned the most INCREDIBLE thing at the reunion! One of my kids (from my reflection group – only ten people, so I’m very close to all of them) made the life-changing decision when we got back from the trip to JOIN THE IDF. She is moving to Israel on August 5 and she will be joining the army shortly thereafter. I asked her what made her do it, and she reminded me how, on Yom Hazikaron, we met with a group of Americans who joined the Israeli army and she explained, “I thought, if they could do it, I could too.” I could not be ANY prouder.

In other news, today Barack Obama clinched the 2,118 delegates needed to become the Democratic Party nominee for President, but Hillary Clinton has yet to concede his victory or drop out of the race. Honestly, even though I voted for her, I am so ready for this nonsense to be over. I really and truly believe this is dividing the Democratic party, and I am so utterly frustrated because I feel like this is only giving the Republicans time to strengthen their campaign. If Obama won the delegates, then he should have the fucking nomination. As much as I admire Hillary, I can’t help but have a sour taste in my mouth for her dragging her feet and possibly causing our party irreparable damage. I guess we will see how this plays out over the next few days... who knows? Maybe she'll be his VP!

Before I go, I want to give a shout out to my little :) Tam, you’re the best and you always know exactly what to say to make me feel better! I love you so much!

Bailey comes home from Australia Thursday and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT. I CANNOT. FUCKING. WAIT. We have NEVER been apart for this long and I am SO excited to see her. Thursday cannot get here fast enough!

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