Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Acrostic for Bragman

REAL QUICK -- Bragman is STILL complaining about my lack of updates, so this is for you Brag. I love you!

B - BLOOMIN ONION seller :)
R - raging alcoholic
A - always down for a shotfest any time of day
G - gorgeous
M - makes me take her out to dinner whenever she cries
A - awesome at nearly everything she does
N - nice to anyone who buys her a drink!

Ooooh, I love acrostics :) Anyone want me to do one with their name?! Okay, I'm going for real now. CIAO!


Anonymous said...

I like acrostics!! My kids wrote one the other day, johnny appleseed AND autumn!!

my name is julie J-U-L-I-E. :)

Petunia said...

yes! You absolutely can buy lilly online! There are several lilly stores that have websites. A good one is www.inthepinkonline.com
Let me know if you get anything!
Xoxo petunia

serena said...

i want one. anything to entertain me. thanks jord.