Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! I’m in such a good mood. Let’s get to it!

So this is my very first blog post as a 23 year old woman! The birthday weekend was fun – I got some AMAZING presents from my kind and generous family and friends, including Jimmy Choo sunglasses, a Chan Luu bracelet, new Free City sweats, and a Build-A-Bear (don’t ask.)

Saturday night I celebrated with dinner and drinks at the Belmont with all my friends, which ended in me ordering WAY too many mojitos and having to be taken home around 1:30am. Sunday, which was my actual birthday, I went out to brunch and then shopping in Beverly Hills, where I treated myself to a new Vince leather jacket (AMAZING. CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO GET COLD HERE IN LA!) I then headed home to the valley, where I joined my parents at Elianna and Sara’s wedding, which was so nice – I’m really glad I went. I had never been to a gay wedding, nor had I ever been to a rabbi’s wedding, and the ceremony (which Elianna wrote herself) was so beautiful and the atmosphere was just so welcoming and accepting of all. Also, the delicious appetizers did not hurt the day either. Monday I hung out with Mommy and went shopping and ended the weekend with a parental-sponsored dinner at Taverna Tony’s in Malibu, where me and some special guest stars stuffed our faces with Greek food, and Greene brought me a Susie Cakes birthday cake! I love you GB! All in all a very pleasant birthday celebration all around.

Speaking of birthdays, on Monday the CW gave me a slightly belated birthday present – the long awaited Gossip Girl premiere! AND IT. WAS. FUCKING. FABULOUS. Literally I cannot even put into words how much I adore Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Their chemistry is so fucking hot. Their clothes are so fucking hot. The storylines are so fucking hot. This show is SO FUCKING HOT.

As long as we’re talking about TV (and amazingly ridiculous yet unrealistic shows aimed towards teenagers), I may as well give my opinion on the new 90210 that I watched last night. In a word – fine. Nowhere near as amazing as Gossip Girl, and kind of predictable, but then again, I think I was like 11 years old when the first 90210 came out. It started off kind of slow but got better over the course of the two-hour premiere… I didn’t get many of the inside jokes/references to the first 90210, but I’ll definitely watch next week. If its good, I’ll stick around!

(Side note: I thought the best part of 90210 was Naomi the popular mean girl. Then I realized I think the best part of Gossip Girl is Blair Waldorf, the popular mean girl. And then I realized my favorite movie of all time is… Mean Girls, featuring THE Popular Mean Girl, Regina George. Uh oh. I sense a trend. My mom is not gonna like that psychoanalysis.)

What else is going on around here? Let’s talk about some upcoming trips:
-Homecoming is in less than 7 weeks. F YES!
- Gerrick informed me that she is probably coming to visit in November, and I am planning on going to Dallas for a mini U of A reunion in December, so I’m excited about that :) lots of Gherkin time coming up soon!
- I finally booked my trip to New York with the parentals for Rosh Hashanah! We’re gonna stay in the city for the weekend, then head out to Long Island for temple and Jewishness on Monday. Hopefully I will get to see my NY friends and go out with them in the city along with the Broadway shows and gourmet dining I already have planned :) that’s in three weeks and I can’t wait!

And finally, I saved the best news for last… I’M MOVING!

Yep, Tal and I are packing up the Bodies in Motion on Goshen apartment and heading out – really far… all the way up to Montana Avenue! :) We’re moving to that big beautiful white apartment building right behind Whole Foods and Pinkberry, and we are SO EXCITED!

Things I can’t wait for:
1. buying all new furniture
2. decorating the new apartment
3. living in the same building (literally next door!) as Amanda Baker
4. my own bathTUB
5. a washer/dryer inside our apartment

We aren’t moving for another month – middle of October – but we’re planning on throwing a big party as soon as we get settled so all of you can see our new gorgeous place! This has been in the works for a few weeks already (ask me for the full, kind-of-unbelievable-story) and today our application finally got approved – SO EXCITING!

And on that positive happy note, I am off :) hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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